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Mebak N1 Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat Therapy


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Mebak N1 Shiatsu Massager

Real Hand Massage Simulation: The Mebak N1 offers a deep shoulder and neck massage. It features 4 silicone heads and 2 kneading heads. These mimic thumb and finger kneading. It's great for the back, waist, hips, and legs.

Soothing Heat Therapy: Ease muscle pain and tension with adjustable heat therapy. You can select high (122°F) or low (104°F) settings. Also, turn off the heat when not needed.

Customizable Massage: Personalize your massage with soothing or deep tissue modes. Adjust the intensity. Use the flexible straps for hands-free comfort or extra pressure.

Wireless Freedom:Use the 2000mAh battery for wireless operation. It provides 6-12 sessions per charge. The device shuts off after 10 minutes to prevent overuse.

Perfect Gift & Warranty: This gift is ideal for birthdays, Father's Day, or Christmas. It also includes a 30-day refund and a 1-year warranty.

Versatile Self-Massager For Full Body Relief

This massager works for the spine, back, and shoulders. Use it on beds, chairs, or in cars. It offers acupressure. The benefits? It eases lower back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. Plus, it enhances posture

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The Align Pro™ Massager functions by incorporating a meticulously crafted design that targets the alignment of your spine, neck, and shoulders.

Moreover, its adjustable features ensure a tailored fit, optimizing both comfort and effectiveness for sustained support throughout the day.

Some users feel immediate relief after the first use, although results may vary. Consistent use over time typically offers the most significant benefits.

For optimal results, we recommend using the massager for 15-30 minutes per session, 1-2 times daily.

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